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This Section is for articles and questions on and about Car Audio and Security Systems


 Wiring..Pros and Cons


There are many ways to connect 2 wires.

1. Twist them together and tape them.....these usually corrode and make lousy long term connections, and if not done well can fall apart and shot out.

2. Twist wires together with twist caps....Better the just twisting them but not very neat and space conserving.

3. Crimp connectors, Crimps are a good form of connection if done well and if you use the butt style instead of the cap style they can be neat and space saving.

4. Solder and tape or heat shrink wrap is the best way to make connections they are perminent and neat.

5. Scotch Locks are a poor connection they connect the wires with the least amount of actual wires touching and can easily corode and vibrate loose. Maybe they would be ok in Arizona where it is dry but not down here in the Hot and Humid South.


Here at Precision Performance depending on the aplication we will use either Crimps or Solder to connect wires We find them the most reliable way to install in South Florida.


A customer Writes


I have a factory radio with a 6 disc cd changer built in and it is jammed can you fix it?


 There are a few repair centers that work on factory radios but they will need to be sent

out and the repairs are costly.. An alternitive way to deal with a bad indash changer is

  to leave it alone and add a ipod adaptor to your radio. It has digital quality sound

and many radios will control the ipod from the actual radio so you won't have to

reach for your ipod to chnage a song. Leave it in the glove box and you will have

dozens to hundreds of hours of music at your finger tips

Another thing to do is to add a Bluetooth adapter to your radio, they work on many cars post year 2000

and you can stream audio from your phones aplications thru your car stereo, like Itune, Pandora,

Iheart Radio and Spotify.

Some intefaces can give you Hands Free phone service too.

If your car is older you can add a Wired FM mod. Bluetooth system with good sound quality

and no FM interference.



How do I update my old car radio to new tech?

 There are many ways to update you factory radio I mentioned a few in the article before this one.

There are Add Ons that include Smart Phones wired and Bluetooth. There are ways to add

HD tuners, and XM/Sirius Radio  that can work through your factory radios controls and Display.

Iphones, Ipads, Androids and USB drives can all work through certain Factory Radios.

Some Brands we carry to do this are Isimple, and Grom

So give us a call and lets upgrade!


Can I Change my Radio if it is built into my Dash and AC controls


Fear not, there are many new Radio installtion Kits that can help with that.

Some come with a whole new Dash Panel where you relocate your AC controls

and it has a place for your new Radio. Other Panels come with a new AC controler 

and a space for your Radio. There are many electronic interfaces to keep your 

steering wheel controls, Onstar, Bose Systems and factory Bluetooth and XM/Sirius.

So if your are tired of your outdated factory Radio Call us and we can find a good fit for you.


If you have any Questions on Car Audio and Security Systems you Can

Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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